Advanced Satellite Technology Packed with Entertainment Features

A lot of cable and satellite service providers only offer one type of HD DVR equipment with their packages as you are stuck with the same thing that everyone else has. Yet you should have tons of choices in television technology. With DIRECTV, you can increase your entertainment possibilities by selecting the HD DVR equipment that works best for you. Check out the following equipment options waiting for you when you sign up for DIRECTV services.

DIRECTV Genie Makes Your Programming Dreams Come True

Do you wish you could watch and record all your shows, movies and other entertainment through a single HD DVR system? Let DIRECTV Genie bring all your wishes into reality. The Genie has phenomenal functionality as it features the ability to record 5 shows at once and store up to 200 hours of television programming. You can receive all this functionality on every single television in your home. Also, you can obtain the Picture-in- Picture feature so you can watch two shows at once as well as the Genie Sports feature so you can get sports information easily at one location.

DIRECTV Genie Minis Share the Great Television Services Throughout Your Home

So how can you get even better service in each individual room when you have a large family with different entertainment tastes? DIRECTV has the Genie Mini just for you. The Genie Mini allows you to set up a connection to your main Genie HD DVR system. So you can record, pause, and delete shows from each television separately through this innovative DIRECTV technology. Connect 8 Genie Minis to your single Genie HD DVR system as you can also record shows all at once from 4 different rooms. You also have the option to go wireless with your Genie Minis using a wireless video bridge to cut done on the number of cable connections you need to use.

DIRECTV HD DVR 4K Offering Revolutionary Picture Quality

Increase the picture quality for any show or movie you are watching with the DIRECTV HD DVR 4K. The 4K provides exceptional quality and resolution so you can enjoy rich colors on every television channel. You will feel like the actors and celebrities are right in your room when you are using the 4K. Just connect a DIRECTV 4K Ready television so you can fully enjoy the enhanced entertainment experience.

With so many HD DVR options, select the right entertainment package and equipment for your home. Call us now and set up your DIRECTV service today.

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